Fundraiser Sale Announcement

Hi everyone,

This is not my usual blog content however I would just like to make an announcement.

As some of you are aware my family is hosting a fundraiser 11.11.2016 at:

Greystoke Pub, 7 Queens Drive, London, W5 3HU at 7:30pm onwards.

It is an open invitation.

We hope to raise funds for a beautiful headstone & arrangement for my dearly beloved sister who passed away just last year.

To help with the raising of funds there will be things for sale which I would like to bring to attention for you all here.

Available to purchase will be:

T-shirts designed by RXIII displaying a beautiful image of Cerise as an Angel for £10


5 SIGNED copies of my book Fool Me THRICE will be available for £10


10 SIGNED copies of my NEW book (due to be released the same day) In Loving memory of Cerise T Philip £15

If you would like to get your hands on one or more of these items before the fundraiser please email me (the new book will be on pre-order as will not be officially released until 11.11.2016) at or use the PayPal buttons in the right menu of my blog.

We hope the fundraiser will have a big, possibly even bigger turn out than last year. Thank you all in advance that will be attending, donating and to the ones helping make this possible.

I hope to see you Friday!






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