Some of the things I miss…

I miss sitting next to you on the sofa. I miss the energy and love we shared. Sitting there sometimes in silence, most times crying with laughter. 
I miss staring at you and thinking when did my ugly ducking heavy baby sister turn into a beautiful swan? You were never ugly though. Never could be. 
I miss cooking pizza’s with you. If it weren’t burnt, it weren’t done right remember that? Hahahaha. 

I miss watching random and pointless documentaries with you when we were up way past our bed times. Member the sausage one? We learned about what “connective tissue” is and how sausage isn’t just made of the “good part of the pig”? Then we had sausages for breakfast and told mum all about it and laughed because we didn’t care what it was made of we loved sausages. Mum and I still do. 

I miss repeating your name to you over and over just to get on your nerves. 

I miss you telling me to shut up and being fake mad at me because no matter how hard you tried you could never be mad at me, you always thought I was so funny. 

I miss you brushing my hair when you were little. I miss brushing yours. 

I miss our cuddles. You always held me so tight from toddler to teenage your hugs had so much love in them. 

I miss going shopping with you. I hate shopping. But with you it was always great because we didn’t ever have much time. 

You’d tell me to meet you at 12:00pm I’d be on time and you had only just got out of bed. 

By 2:00pm you’d only just start putting on your face. By 3:00pm you were hungry so we would go to eat. By 4:30pm you’d be ready to shop by 5:00pm you would be ready to give up shopping and go home for a nap? It was always a waste of time hahahaha but I didn’t care I just loved spending time with you so would follow you home anyway. 

I miss hearing you sing along to bashment I never understood what they were saying because I always said I’m more British than you. Hahahaha. 

I miss the weird spots on your feet. I used to tease you and ask why you had liver spots on your feet. I would grab your long clown feet and tickle them you kicking me to stop and screaming with laughter. 

I miss those clown feet. Why were your feet so damn long. Size 8 shoes same as mums. She still borrows your shoes. 

I still miss you every single day. Its even worse when I try not to. But how can I not miss such a huge part of my life. A huge part of me. 

I Love you Cerise xxx


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