Heaven (Cerise & Heena) sent me an Angel

I met someone and I am convinced you gift wrapped her and sent her especially for me.We met on facebook and connected instantly!

She is absolutely amazing.

She initially sent me a poem that helped me most days to deal with the pain of missing you everyday. 

Then from time to time she would message to see how I was doing.

She is so warm and open its two of her best qualities.

She shared her own experience of loss and we bonded even further.

Soon enough we were messaging every other night, well into the night. 

When we message it is like the whole world falls away and its just me and her sharing our losses but building each other, making each other stronger.

I can be completely honest with her, she knows almost everything about me already because she is one of those people that does not judge, preach or condescend. 


Cerise & Heena pushed us together

 I think I am in love.

It has been a long time since I met someone new, someone beautiful inside and out. 

I’ve been living with C-PTSD for almost 3 years now but starting a new friendship with this woman my condition wasn’t even an issue because she makes me feel so comfortable. 

She glows. Despite her pain she glows so bright and she motivates me to keep going.

She is a chatterbox but she always lets me speak and never speaks over me.

You know the best thing about her that actually reminds me of you? She laughs at my dumb jokes! She actually thinks that I am hilarious. She gets it Cerise, she gets me!

You did this didn’t you? Admit you sent her to me. You and her sister? You two met in Heaven saw how alone we felt, discussed and made a plan. You guys pushed us together. 

You sent this sweet woman to stop the crazy thoughts I have, stop the worry, stop the self-destruction. 

Is it crazy that being with her is like being with you. She is a complete nutter, and absolutely crazy. She makes me laugh.

I feel so relaxed around her.

My whole body and being just slumped in her presence when we finally met in person. I cried too. Imagine that! Crying in front of this person that I had only just met.

It didn’t feel like that though. She is one of those people that I feel as if I have known my whole life.

I knew you your whole life. 

When I cried I could see her welling up too but she didn’t let her emotion over shadow mine. 

She let me cry. She didn’t look at me funny or say something inappropriate she just let me cry, say my piece and then when it was over we moved on had a drink and went back to laughing.

She has this energy that reminds me of my own when I am at 100%

I don’t know if it is her or you or maybe both but she always texts me at the right time to see how I am doing. Every time I start slipping she texts me and I am back in that bubble with her feeling lifted. 

Thank you for sending her to me. I know you couldn’t bare to watch me and feel me be all alone without you.


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