I hope your in “Heaven”



I wish you could feel just a milligram of my pain, nothing I do can take it away.

I want so much for there to be sunshine but all there is rain,

I keep pushing the negativity but it keeps coming back again and again. 

Why has the universe done this? Why do I feel this way?

Everyone telling me it will be better one day,

I lost my world how can I find it again?

I dont wish any mother, sibling, or family this pain. 

I try so hard to hide the hurt,

But all that does is make it worse. 

I’m so sick of the random crying,

But I cant help the fact on the inside im dying. 

I’m an autopilot like my life is the same,

But we all know it wont ever be again. 

I’m tired of the constant facade,

The whispers, the stares, the shame. 

Social media at its best or worst?

I cut them off before I scream and curse. 

They would love to see that, to them its all a show,

They dare laugh and gossip but only to my back though. 

Everyday I’m sad, everyday I’m empty, knowing you will never be replaced,

I hope your in heaven while I’m stuck in this place. 

I am trying Cerise, to be without you everyday,

But I cant do that unless you take this pain away. 


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