My Eulogy 

I dont know what people expect me to say. How do I sum you up in a sentence? A paragraph? Or even an essay?

Mum would always remind us that life is short and we would roll our eyes and laugh but even though she thought we weren’t listening we actually took her very seriously and I am glad that you most certainly did. 

I can honestly say that despite your regular 6 HOUR NAPS! That you lived every moment to the fullest!

I have always been so proud of you from your first words, first steps, first dance up to your grades at school, your enthusiasm for college and up to your first day at your first job. 

Everyday you did me proud. I couldn’t have asked, prayed or begged the universe for a better sister. 

You always called me your rock but you were the foundation that held that rock. You held me when this rock was ready to waiver or crumble. 

Without you, without a foundation I am just floating in this abyss waiting to hit the bottom. 

However I try to think of what you would say when I feel weak and I know you would just say something dumb, we would laugh and then you would tell me to pull myself together. 

Thats one of the things I loved about you. Your no nonsense approach to life and its situations. 

When i was sad your like ‘be happy’, when i was poor your like ‘here let me pay’, when i was cold your like ‘you look good though’ (nights out in skimpy outfits, or no coat waiting to get into a night club) hahahaha. 

Sister time is lonely without you. I feel like every time there is a sudden silence we are all waiting for your dumb high pitched laughter or worse a sniffle because of your gross sinuses!

Living without you is like loosing my heart. 

It feels artificial now. Im living with a pacemaker because without you my heart doesn’t beat like it used to, like it is supposed to. Every time i think of you I need resuscitating because it doesn’t just skip a beat it skips 21 just for you and then it flatlines. 

But im trying cerise, im trying and as long as you hang around i can cope just that little bit easier. I know sometimes you have to be with mum because you know she exaggerates; member that story i told where she cried once when i was late from school and we laughed because thats mum she exaggerates when it comes to her babies doesn’t she. 

So you can be with mum, but don’t leave me either because your my heartbeat and your my oxygen. I need you. I love you. 



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