Is it time already? 


Friday 11th December tomorrow. All your friends and family will be in attendance to pay their respects, to show their love, to say goodbye.

Ever since you left everything has been in fast forward. Today especially. 

Me & mum went Bingo today to get away and take our mind off things but the whole time I could hear you laughing. Laughing because when you and our sisters all went with mum we had such a laugh, everyone at Bingo is so serious! 

Today has been hard. Today has been long. You know on the way to meet mum this morning I saw a hearse I thought it was time to see you off already. 

The funeral has come too quick. I thought we had so much time. 

Time. Funny isn’t it? We all think we have so much time but then after 21 short lived years you are not here anymore. 

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I hope you will be there holding my hand, holding my heart as I try hard not to hold my breath. 

Everything is set and ready I just hope I will be. 


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