I dreamt about you…

I dreamt about you all night,Then I was awaken rudely by the morning light.

I dreamt that the past few weeks had all been a dream,

I dreamt that everything was not as it seemed. 

You came home and I screamed with delight,

Wrapped my arms around you and held you so tight.

Your beautiful eyes stared deep into my soul,

You were real because you felt so warm.

Your hair was different, you’d cut it again,

But I didn’t let that detail throw me in anyway.

I fought so hard to stay with you in the dream,

I didn’t want to wake up in reality.

A world without you, a world of pain and sorrow,

My world where I have no hope for tomorrow.

A life with a gaping hole in my heart where you used to be,

A life without my baby sister Cee.


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