Sleep my baby sis xxx

Mum and I visited you today. 
Now even more I cant believe your gone. 
You didn’t look like yourself. 
Your hair was a mess, you had no make up on. I can just imagine you watching us telling us not to look at you with no make up. 
We brought you a new headscarf to hide your hair.
Your new bed is beautiful. You will sleep in a collage of selfies. I think thats how you would have wanted it.

Thats how you would have wanted to be remembered. The most beautiful girl in the whole world.
You know how I recognised you? Your beautiful big bug eyelids. Thats the only thing that is the same.
I’m glad Katie and Bilen helped me pick your clothes. You look as stylish as ever. Your big old Dr. Martins just about fit in your new resting place your foot so big!

Gosh we miss you. Love you so much. Mum and I still try and laugh I know you want us to keep on smiling. 
You felt so cold but I had to hold your hand and stroke your head one more time. 
This is not real life Cerise. It can’t be. 
Your beautiful face, no more. 
Those eyes, always watching, those eyes will never leave me. 



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