Half Truths and Liars (random ramble of thoughts)

Is a half truth a lie? To me it is. 

I am tired.

Tired of liars and half truths.

I am also tired of being open and honest only to be greeted with only lies and half truths.

*sigh* and *huff*

Liars are so boring, lying is dead man jheez.

If you miss me just say you miss me its that easy and simple. Stop being indirect with your half truths and say what you mean, what you feel.

People are annoying. I am annoyed like seriously? Argggggh frusturated.

So many peoples throats need ringing! Ahhhh..gosh I sound a bit evil..ok they need a bitch slap…thats a little better than stranglation right?

You know I have to appreciate at least one person this week that I hadn’t heard from in a while. 

She was open and honest. She sent me a simple ‘I miss you’ I was so shocked because I didnt think there was anyone out there left like her anymore.

Stupid me actually replied ‘Was this meant for me?’ thats how much shock I was actually in hahahaha. 

I am open, I am honest, I speak what is on my mind. Hmmm.

Tired. My eyeballs are actually tired of rolling them up in my head from when someone is obviously lying to me nd they think I believe them when really I am just rolling my eyes.


Roll’s eyes

Just be plain and simple with me, I work best with that. I know what is going on, you know what is going on and everyone is happy right? Well ok they say sometimes the truth hurts and is best left unsaid but that brings me to another point..people always find out the truth in the end and guess what they get hurt but I guareentee it hurts way less if that person was upfront in the first place..well maybe just in my opinion.

Just tired, so tired.


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