Grateful for three words…

Today you opened up your heart wider than you ever have to me and I am grateful.

You took a leap of faith and placed your burdens on me and I felt your relief as the corners of your mouth turned up slightly when you tried to hide a little smile.

You are going to be okay my friend because I am here for you now like I have always been and as long as you keep me close I will always remain by your side where I belong.

Many have made the mistake of throwing my love away and then missing it, when it is gone because they didn’t know a great thing until it was gone. Don’t be that friend.

I will listen. I will hold you. I will stroke your hair. I will curse with you. I will laugh with you. I will cry with you. I will be what you need me to be until you are ready to be you all by yourself again. 

What you told me today. What you said. You will never understand how happy it made me feel deep down inside because I myself have been hurting from a pain so deep that I thought no one could fill that void again. In that one sentence not only did you fill that void, you restored faith back into me.

I don’t know if you still read my articles, I don’t know if my words still provide you with strength but let me tell you something; today you gave me strength. You gave me the strength in my ongoing silent battle I do not openly advertise but do share but not everyone sees if they do not bother to read between the lines like you and I. 

Stefanie; Thank you. Your words today. Three little words you shared with me today I don’t think you realise what they were but they gave me life. They said so much about our friendship and I appreciate them, I appreciate you and I appreciate our conversation today. 


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