Food Bank 

There were people collecting donations for the local food bank today outside Asda. I almost cried when I read the leaflet explaining what they needed. The items were so basic.
I was really choked up (my empathy is a blessing and a curse). I took the leaflet, went into Asda purchased the items I could that were on the list on top of my own grocery list and when I left the store handed the food bank items to the people collecting. The man was so shocked and grateful I got choked up all over again.I didn’t even know we had a food bank in our area. To be totally honest I only found out what that (food bank) means earlier this year from a documentary I watched.

It is terrible how many people fall on hard times. I try not to think about it all too much because it weighs on me so heavily, but when I do think about it and when I can do my bit to help, I do.

I am so glad that I now know that there is this building of hope and love. Thats what it is to me.

It makes me so happy that enough people love & care enough to provide hope to the less fortunate by way of collecting food donations.

I love that people are also donating. Buying items out of there own money to directly feed others that need help.

I am also proud of the people who are not afraid to go to these places to obtain food when life sometimes leave them without or not enough.

Community and charity warms my heart.


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