Healthy Lifestyle Change (Low-Carb Diet)

I am my greatest motivator! If I don’t push myself it is easy to sit back and let success run away from me.I feel this is my motto in life at the moment.

Being in my thirties I find myself having body issues? Can I call it that?

Well as some of my other body image posts have stated, for years I have looked a certain way and maintained a certain weight.

However now after two children, various contraceptions and heck LIFE I find myself staring in the mirror picking out my flaws.

I don’t hate myself, quite the opposite. I love myself but sometimes I’m not entirely satisfied with what I see.

I have always said if your not happy about something whether that be your body, your love life, your work life – do something about it!

So it was time for me to stop putting myself down in the mirror and fixing what I could (within reason) what I didn’t like.

I say within reason as I want to be realistic about my goals and not go so far as to make myself ill.

Diets have never been my thing nor has working out.

However these days I find myself working out on a daily basis and consistently (well as much as I can, be realistic remember).

For 12 weeks now I have been on a low-carb diet and have been engaging in HIT (high intensity training) workouts and part yoga.


Now bare in mind I’m a full time mom, part time writer, full time wife and I am working on opening a new business amongst other commitments I have.

Finding a spare minute, spare cash and spare energy is all hard for me I will be honest.

Thats when I realised I have to motivate myself and problem solve because I really want to be fitter, look better and feel better.

I know people will argue and say I was never fat to begin with, I am not trying to argue that either but I know my body, I know how I feel most comfortable, how I can be healthy and look good at the same time.

It is not about weight particularly for me just feeling comfortable in my own body which results in my confidence being at its highest.

Since being on this diet which is more of a healthy lifestyle change now I feel fantastic!


Its good for my back, its good for my kids as it has boost my energy levels and it saves money not only because I work out at home, in the local park or on school run but because I’m not wasting money buying bigger size clothes like I was doing originally when I was being lazy and feeling sorry for myself instead of moving my ass (literally).

Since I started posting certain pictures people have been asking what kind of things have I changed to slim down so fast, and its really quite simple.

CARBS ARE NOW MY ENEMY!!! Kidding…well sort of.

I realised by cutting out the most obvious carbs like bread, pasta and cakes I dropped a a lot of water weight. By drinking more water (with lemon, tastes more refreshing) I flush out my system. When making meals I always load up my plate with vegetables first so there is less room for carbs (if I must have carbs) and less room for too much meat.

I am only human an I do loooooove pizza so every now and again I do stray from the vegetables and have a big take away pizza to myself the next day I make sure to do a HIT work out, go for a bike ride and do 10,000 steps to burn it off.

It was all so hard at first as I was cooking separate meals for my husband and would look at his mountain plate and cry inside lol but now fortunately he is on board and for the last 4 weeks has joined me in this new healthy way of living.

There are days I wake up and I look at notifications on my calendar to start my workout or go for my power walk and I just want to pull the duvet over my head and ignore it, but I love myself enough to treat myself right.

I really can be bothered sometimes but I push myself because I am my biggest motivator. How about you?


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