Exclusive Snippet…

My first book, my first memoir was a hit amongst my peers and local community.The question on everyone’s lips is ‘where is the sequel?” Or “when is the next one coming out”. 
Honestly I didn’t think about ‘what next’ after completing the first book. When I started writing it, I was angry, hurt and broken. As I worked through the book, I worked through my issues and by the time the last word was typed I was over the intial raw emotions and have come out the other side. 
However I still published for a few reasons. With all the build up and eagerly waiting customers I owed it to them and I also felt after all that work I might as well do it besides I owed it to myself; publishing a book was my dream.
I never imagined I would sell past 10 let alone almost 800!
So I have decided to work on book number two. I have all the paperwork it will just prove a little harder now that I have 2 children physically look after now my prince is here, a husband, a home, I’m in the midst of opening a new business. I have a lot on but I don’t want to disappoint my fans hehe especially Carrie-Ann she’s my biggest fan 😉
So without further ado here is a cheeky snippet below (ignore the obvious typos its my personal diary I dont care for correcting my diary since I am talking to myself lol) enjoy x



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