Building Bridges

I felt inspired to actually stop being so prideful and contact my Mother-in-Law to tell her I do not hate her despite everything that has happened and she responded with such a lovely message that left me feeling so lovely, warm and fuzzy inside that I just had to share it with you guys. 

Is this not the sweetest thing? Bless her. I did say way back when in one old angry post about the MIL that we did actually share and bond once upon a time, because we were friends for 8 and a half years up until 2 years ago.

I really apreciated this message. I don’t know where we will go from here as I still have trust issues with all that broke my heart and as I told her she played her part in that but I was really thankful for this loving message and the loving message she sent after this one once I replied with a thank you. 

I may not feel the same about her as I did when we were close but since this warmed my heart who knows.

I even made peace with Geraldine and Aaron. Although I have had no word from Aaron and won’t hold my breathe I have heard from the Icequeen herself and what she says is always a joint effort. 

Life really does just keep moving.

Forgiveness feels good. I have been embracing it for about a year now and it honestly does grow you to higher levels. 


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