Women who lie to get custody

How is it that love can turn into hate so quickly?! Was it love to begin with? Is it just anger in the heat of the moment?

How can you tell someone you love them, co-habit with them for years, build a family with them, promise to take care of and love that family with your whole being then rip it all apart with no second thought?

I hope neither me or my husband ever get to such a point in our lives.

Its disgusting and I’m not ashamed to say it.

How can you make up lies in order to win? Lie to take your children away from someone they love very much, someone they love more than you clearly ever loved that person because they are a part of that person.

Why bring the kids into it at all. Was this all planned from the begging I wonder?


custody battle

I’m trying so hard not to judge, not to get involved but when you have already admitted you are doing this because your recent ex no longer loves you back and refuses to be with you, I think its almost an invitation for everyone to judge.

You are trying to steal the kids you share, the home you share just because you cant force your former other half to love you?!

Take a step back and realise how f******* crazy you sound right now. Mothers, no women like you give the rest of us a bad name!

To think when everyone had something to say about you I was in your corner believing that everyone deserves a chance and no one had yet taken a chance to get to know you.

Your smart and independent, you could easily rationally figure out something more sensible but instead your acting on anger and rage. I cant help but shake my head. I am so disappointed in your behaviour. 

Have you already thought what you might say to your children when this is all over? When they are perhaps older and ask why you did this to daddy. How will you answer ‘what did daddy do to you?’ Will you carry on the lies?

People that lie about domestic violence in the home are the ones that should be punished.  

 And if you so desperately want his money why lie and potentially risk him damages at work. 

Hello? If he is not working how do you expect to get his money exactly.

If you hope to succeed in making him homeless, again how will you feel explaining this to your children? Proud of yourself?

Look in the mirror and tell me you love what you see and hope that your children turn out just as vindictive as you.

To think your family support your actions too. Who are you people?

I hope you lose.

I hope the court grants shared custody and you lose what was never yours; the flat!

You don’t deserve it for what you have done and considering you come from wealth and they have plenty space for you, take up there offer and take some more of their cash and set up on your own.


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