Attention mothers & daughters! (Birds & the Bees) Lets talk about Sex!

IMG_2983I’ve just had to have (in age appropriate language) the “birds & bees” talk (do we still call it that?) with my very mature 8 year old. It went very well, still I can’t help feeling like why don’t children come with a manual? Lol. 8 years old wow. They grow up so fast! Phew times are changing. What age did you have the talk with your parent? Have you had the talk with your child yet? How did it go? Were you embarrassed? Where they embarrassed?

What brought this conversation on?
Well unfortunately for all parties my daughter caught her parents in the act! We were so shocked!

Luckily for us parents it was dark and she couldn’t make out much but she stood there in the doorway berating us telling us to “keep it down!” The horror! The shame!

I told her to close the door and I heard her run down the hallway to her bedroom and then crying.

I quickly composed myself and chased after her. I apologised for disturbing/waking her and tried to calm her as she was clenching her fists and shaking she was so angry and frightened. I gave her a long cuddle and told her “mummy and daddy was just loving each other and it was completely natural and nothing to be ashamed, angry or scared about its what adult parents who love each other do”.
This morning (the next morning) after extensive research on the web; I decided to delve a little further into things to make sure she was ok and learn what she understood of the matter of the night before. Through my findings on mum forums and psychology reports, I found that children walking in on their parents is quite common and that at my daughters age (8 y/o) it was a good time to educate her on the basics of sex and to let her be my guide as to how much information I should share.
I never thought I would be having this conversation with my daughter at this age. I always imagined she would be a teenager. However I realised of course this would be too late with how fast children are developing these days. They even go through puberty earlier now, it’s a scary thought.
However I am so glad I did it. It’s wasn’t awkward like I thought it might be even after what she saw the night before. She even admitted a friend of hers tried to tell her inappropriate things about sex which I wasn’t happy about but glad my daughter felt comfortable enough in our sex education conversation to admit that too me, which also made me more determined to explain it factually and age appropriately.
Kids! They grow up so fast!


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