Holiday Blues

Rolling 10 women deep I embarked on an “all female holiday” it was memorable, it was fantastic, it was epic. One of the best parts was returning home with all friendships intact.100_4814



I’d heard so many horror stories of friendships being tested and ripped apart on holiday I was a bit wary of going.

However I feel closer to everyone I went with for seeing a different side to them, learning new things about them and also for living with them.

I lost count of the amount of times I laughed so hard that I cried unashamedly, danced the night away, drank till my liver threatened to pack up and leave, ate junk food to my hearts content.

100_4778 (2)

We travelled to Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

The thing about Ayia Napa is in retrospect I feel like if I was single, 18 years old, had no morales, no responsibility and desperately wanted to contract an STD or possibly aids Napa is the place to be.

Although I really enjoyed myself with my friends. I got to see how different our personalities really are and even though this was evident I found it amazing how we all still fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.

Between us we saw Westwood, Chris brown, went to a paint party, foam party, bar crawls, fun fair, the beach, restaurants upon restaurants (mmmm fooood) not to mention a girls favourite hobby; shopping! 100_4882
I had no worries, no chores and no children preventing me for sitting down for 5 minutes!

Oh the lazy naps I had were glorious! The heat out there was almost unbearable, so unbearable that at times all we could do was either drip with sweat, stay stationed in our hotel pool or sleep the day heat away. IMG_6020One of the best parts about sleeping all day in Ayia Napa is the fun doesn’t start till 1am anyways.  


Sleep all day, party all night

My sister Cerise, notorious for always being the longest to get ready was loving every minute of making us all wait as she got her finishing touches ready every evening because she knew our nights didn’t start until the early mornings!

I thought I was going to party more than anything else on this holiday. When in fact what I did was eat more than anything. I ate at least 5 – 6 times a day as if I was carb a loading for a competition! I even ate when I wasn’t hungry. Everything tastes so good out there. The amount of salt and fatty oils they used in their food probably had me deluded but I didn’t care as my motto went (or excuse for everything) “I’m on holiday” I kept repeating along with “don’t judge me”.

At one point I felt like I was literally living the song and lifestyle of Kendrick Lamar “Drank”.

Some days we would wake up and drink alcohol for breakfast all the way through to the next day. I actually remember when I stopped drinking at one point but still continued to feel drunk for another 12 hours I had consumed so much.

I literally sat on our hotel balcony one night talking to me liver, my sister couldn’t stop laughing. I told her I could go no further because my liver wanted to pack up an leave. I tried to calmly explain to my liver “if you can’t handle me at my worst…” Even I started laughing at that point.

I don’t need to drink to have fun but it came with the short holiday lifestyle of Ayia Napa and I was on holiday so I thought why not.

I don’t like however when I’m drunk and I get preyed on but the thing about Ayia Napa is drunk or sober your going to get preyed on.


Try take a pic with my sis they all jump in..

We joked my faux locs were a d*** magnet because the amount of men I had to fight off literally was beyond a joke. My sisters and friends laughed at the fact at one party there was literally a queue of men fighting for me and I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get away, couldn’t even have fun at that point because they were killing the vibe so desperately trying to get into my hot pants. They were relentless.

 Day, night, drunk, sober, tall, short, fat, skinny, ugly, pretty; the guys had no requirements or standards they just wanted p**** and it was a little scary!

Thankfully I could handle myself and when I couldn’t I had my bodyguards!

My favorite bodyguard!

My favorite bodyguard!

Every morning, noon and night whether I had a moment to myself or not I would either text home to see how my babies and husband was doing. I missed them all so much.

It was the little things like seeing a rag doll in the gift shop and thinking how much my daughter loves all her dollies and how I must buy her that because she desperately wanted me to bring something back for her.

The water park watching all the babies play. My son loves the water, he hates when bath time is ending. He would have been ecstatic splashing around in the water park all day.

The relentless men, all I could think about was how relentless my husband has always been and how insatiable he is after being in love with me for 12 years. One guy said to me out there “I could treat you better than your man ever could” (my favourite pick up line) I literally lol in his face as I waved my wedding ring in his face I wanted to reply “ni*** puh-lease” but I was laughing too hard.

Although I throughly enjoyed my holiday and spending so much time with all my girl pals when I got home into my husband’s arms I cried tears. I had a mixture of emotions but mostly I missed him and our babies and was so happy to be home.

My muse along with some other people have said to me throughout this year and the last that I’ve changed. They are right. I have changed. I’m evolving. I had a great time but I know where my priorities lie.

Once I thought I was going to be the party girl forever, a wild thang constantly pushing the boundaries, ignoring my head and only ever following my heart.

However the above things have simmered over the last few years they are still there just not as prominent as they used to be.

I still follow my heart it’s just now instead of being on my sleeve for the world to see and take advantage of its safely buried behind three very important people in my life at home.

Home is where the heart is :)

Home is where the heart is 🙂


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