Lessons in Sorrow.

Have you ever been in such pain, drowning in so much sadness that you felt it was impossible to hold in? Would you walk past a stranger clearly in distress?Some may offer “it’s none of my business”, “I wouldn’t be able to help them”, “their crying made me uncomfortable”. All of these are valid reasons not to approach a crying stranger, I won’t deny that but I often think in response to this is ‘where is your humanity?’.

I’m an emotional person. I’ve cried in public alone, more times then I care to recall. A simple “Are you ok?” Would have sufficed, but people walked on by.

Just a thought, have some compassion. See someone in distress, upset and in tears offer that question or quite simply a tissue because just that small act of kindness and compassion could help someone have a better, brighter day because you are offering hope.


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