Lessons in Anger. 

I would like to think that all those people that hurt me were “psychotic bitches” but the real truth is they had all either been hurt or been through some really bad situations and instead of getting help and to the route of the problem they projected onto me instead. 
Some admirably admitted they had a problem, some even tried a little to get help and some were still in the ‘denial’ stage. 

My point is for a long time I would take on other peoples rage and think it was my fault, that I had done something wrong. I would go crazy trying to work out how and why these people would act like this. 

Not until I completed one of my own journey’s did I realise that people were on their on journey, their own path they were just so lost it built up into anger and rage that was released on any passer by. 


Still on my Journey

I try to always take something positive from a bad experience in order to keep my core strong. 

I learned more than anything from these people and situations that when I am angry and upset; too control it and vent it in a healthy form. Whether that be continuing my diary entries or confronting people at a better time, on even ground and when we are both even tempered.


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