Lessons in Love. 

Dear butterfly, 

Sometimes I really miss you and then I think what’s the point you clearly don’t miss me and if you did, because you never show it, I never know, therefore it’s invalid. 

However, I’m trying to be more mindful in an effort to minimise negative thoughts and energy so here goes. 

I miss you but our time was up. 

Our friendship had reached its limit. It had come full circle. Although it didn’t live up to all my expectations I learned a lot from you, about you and even more about myself. 

You loved me but not on the same level I loved you and that’s ok because not only do I have enough love for you, me and my family I have enough to energise a whole household, a whole community maybe even the whole wide world!

You see closing our friendship I learned how much love I have in my heart. It’s enormous! It may sometimes very well be my undoing but ultimately it keeps me strong, keeps me going. My religion is love! I have faith in love! I believe in love. 

I know that it wasn’t your fault that our friendship came to an end it just did. While my love grew and evolved you didn’t have enough to share so instead chose to love only one. 

I can love many at one time. You have always found that hard and complicated to understand yet here I am doing it everyday and it comes naturally to me. 

Love brings me joy, fills me with happiness. Loves makes me happy. 

I only wish you the best. 

I wish you so much love for the rest of your life and most of all I wish you happiness. 


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