Karma’s a bitch…ain’t nothing new there

Have you ever wanted to slap the bitch named ‘Karma’?

Have you ever patiently waited for Karma to dish out what was due?
Have you ever seen Karma at work and thought even though this is what I had been waiting for and now I feel really bad?
Now I truly know I really ain’t bitter anymore. 
Karma has been dealt and it’s one of the most twisted, hurtful, painful things that could have been dealt and I want to sit back with my popcorn and enjoy the moment but I can’t because I’m really not that evil. 
I’ve waited so long for this moment and I thought I would be doing my happy dance when the moment finally came but instead I shake my head with pity and actually feel bad for the people involved. 
I still don’t like these so called people but I don’t like what karma brought them either. 
However at the same time I don’t feel guilty. I feel they should feel guilty though because they brought this on themselves. 
I would hope that they would learn from their actions but I have a sneaky feeling if all ends badly they will no doubt repeat the cycle and who knows what Karma will do next?
I’m gloating a little in writing this aren’t I? Damn. That’s not good I admit that. On that note let me conclude. To those who sit back waiting for karma to take your revenge on those who have wrong you…I have learned the true meaning of the saying…be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!

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