I’m going bald! (postpartum woes) 


postpartum wig

 10 months on and my body still won’t let go of the fact I gave birth.  I still have an extensive amount of postpartum shedding its unreal! I’ve resorted to wearing a wig because it just won’t stop falling out. In addition to that I still have night sweats. Waking up drenched in my own sweat is mortifying not to mention uncomfortable and worse still unsexy.  Before getting pregnant I was always cold or had bad circulation. During pregnancy and still to this day it’s the opposite. I have still not become accustomed to not only being hot but actually having “B.O”. I actually for the first time in my life carry around deodorant. It may sound crazy but this is new to me.  My SPD is still lingering. There are days were I have been stuck paralysed in the middle of a street because my legs shut down and refuse to move. If not for pushing a stroller I would need my crutches because it’s so hard to stand when this happens.   Then there is the pain. Oh how I have not missed the pain of SPD yet it’s still here every so often reminding me of my somewhat traumatic pregnancy fearing I would never walk, run or dance again.  The doctors say that this could all go on until my sons 1st birthday.   How can my hormone levels still be this high? Apparently the fact I’m on contraception is not helping the speedy recover as its adding to the hormone level in my body.  The joys of being a mother. I love being a mum. Hate the unwanted side effects. Sigh.


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