The Naked Truth

Nudity! What’s the big deal anyways? If you love the skin your in why not flaunt what the Lord or your mama gave ya?

I recently posted a semi nude pic on Instagram and I’d like to think it was a “tasteful” one but everyone has there own opinions.



I had been meaning to do it for sometime and to be honest I don’t know what I was afraid of. Most people who know me or know the “party girl” side of me would tell you I’m always in some “barely there outfit” so stripping of for a public picture shouldn’t have been scary right?
Wrong? Even in skimpy clothes I feel a sense of security, it hides certain parts gives me a level of modesty and can even trick an onlooker into seeing what might not even be there. For example padded bras, padded tights…you know the ones I speak of that make your butt look bigger? I’ve never had a pair I like my ass, but (no pun intended) it’s not to say I’m not curious how they could enhance my look.
Speaking of the “butt” I wasn’t trying to “break the Internet” like good old Kim K, universe knows I won’t ever naturally or pay for curves like hers but I did what to make a statement.
I’m 31 years old so I’m old enough to make certain decisions whether they be looked upon as wise, or whether they may be later regretted is a different story.
However I’m of the age where I’ve left childhood behind for good, I’ve entered not only motherhood but adulthood and in just over a decade I will be middle aged.
In another post I spoke of what it was like to reach 30. What I had learned in the years leading up to it. It took me years to discover who and what kind of person I am and what I want out of life.
I’ve gotten to a stage in my life where I am feeling more and more free.
Free to be myself and show the world. No longer ashamed of who I am or what I look like.
I realised most of the judgement and negativity came from myself and the more negativity I projected, the more I invited in.
In the past I looked to people for appraisal, approval and reassurance but one day it suddenly dawned on me all I ever needed was me.

It dawned on me, I am beautiful, I’m brave (as my two little sisters stated), confident and like one of my eldest brothers told me last year I am in my “prime”.

Semi nude #selfie

Semi nude #selfie

My eldest brother is one of my biggest inspirations for the photo and for this post.
He is also brave, confident, intelligent and out there for the whole world to judge and he does not care. He has this huge heart but he doesn’t let anyone chip, crack or break it with any of their negativity he stands tall and fierce and I love that about him.
I uploaded what I feel was a tasteful shot to:
1. Prove to my husband I’m not p**** and actually a badass!
2. Remind myself I am beautiful and sexy despite flaws
3. To show myself and the world I am unashamed of my imperfect body
4. It’s my two year anniversary. I survived pityriasis rosea click here to check out my main blog and see what I looked like back then!
5. For fun of course!
6. Because you only live once and I ain’t getting any younger!
Never thought I would get to this age and feel this way. What will years to come bring I wonder? Looking forward to each and every one of them.

One thought on “The Naked Truth

  1. Reblogged this on Pityriasis Carley and commented:

    Although I try and answer as many emails as possible and support you all with your current PR issues it has occurred to me that the blog may need updates. I will be working on this as soon as I get some free time. In the mean time please have a look at these images posted in the article of myself, they are most recent. As you can clearly see I am scar free and have not had a reoccurrence of PR in the last 2 years. Stay strong you will prevail! Carley x


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