Lest not we forget Penelope

I’ve loved you all my life,
I thought my Aunty birthed you for me,
We were raised like sisters, 
We were happy, young and free.
As years flew by and we both grew,
I started to see changes in you.
What was funny back then is still funny now,
The thing is we’re in the present.
I clung to the past hoping we could be once more,
But even I changed I’m not that same little girl anymore.
I cared about you so much you were my precious gem,
You and I forever, it was us against them!
It’s amazing how quickly things can change,
Love to hate, hate back to love again.
Except I’ve always loved you it’s always been the same,
Bound to you by blood and now we’re both in pain.
I used to be yin, you were yang,
Now I’m a blood, your a crip and were rival gangs.
Rarely does the conversation end nicely,
Often it ends with you wanting to fight me!
Back then you pushed my buttons, got of on my nerves,
It was nothing but simply slurs.
Fully grown, you give in full force
You attack me without any general remorse!
If I say or do something out of place,
You look down on me with such disgrace.
It’s obvious I fell off your pedestal some time ago,
Maybe it all started with my first embryo?
You say this and I say that,
You say I’m a liar that can’t remember facts.
I don’t deny my bad memory,
That’s the whole reason I keep a diary.
You want me to hate you, it would make things easier I will admit
I love you, and that’s just it!
The problem lies in we both can’t let go,
You with the bad times and me with the good,
Can we please move on now that we have reached womanhood?
I’m proudest of the fact you have become a mother,
Your priorities are all about him,
I wish you and yours so much love and happiness,
I hope your days are never grim.
I want to be there for you but too much has changed,
Your making me feel slightly deranged.
We are now worlds apart emotionally,
Let’s keep our distance unless forced on family occasion to act socially. 
I know you will read this and take it the wrong way,
You won’t understand what I am basically trying to say,
I loved you from small, I love you now your big,
But this back & forth is making me sick.
If you could learn to agree to disagree,
bury the past and leave it where it should be,
You and I could go back to being happy.
Sincerely your cousin known as Blazeeeeey xxx

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