Dear inconsiderate friend…

Dear inconsiderate, 

I got a letter this morning I was sure it was from you. 

Big bubble hand writing like yours, letters pressed so hard onto the envelope it imprinted the letter on the inside, black ink your favourite colour pen.

The letter wasn’t from you, it never is and never will be because although you lost me and could get me back with such a small gesture you won’t.

Although you could save us, save our friendship you won’t. Why? 

All I can come up with so far is your lazy!

You want me to work, work, work while you sit back and drink up all the love and positivity I can pour and serve to you at our once strong, sturdy, rich table called friendship.

People like you really get on my last damn nerve!

People like you shouldn’t seek friendship because you don’t know how to care, love, or maintain one.

I’m optimistic to the highest and sometimes dumbest level. You know I waited all day on my birthday for the post man or courier to give me a card that would surely be from you despite everything?

I know crazy right.

Birthday’s aren’t a big thing for some but for me; I live for it! It’s one of my absolutely favourite times of the year. For me I am guaranteed to feel blessed, loved and hell worshipped on my birthday because it’s just that…MY DAY!

Some days you disgust me quite frankly. The way you’ve treated me through the years stringing me alone, you should be ashamed of yourself. Of course some days you like to pretend you are but where’s the proof? Saying it isn’t enough. Faking it for a little while isn’t enough either. I thought I knew you. I so badly wanted to know you. I was in awe of you for so long thinking you were better than me and you know what your not!

I’m not waiting for you anymore. You’ve wasted your last chance. Don’t even come to me when you need help or at your lowest. I gave you everything I had even when I barely had anything for myself and you didn’t appreciate it.

You will look back I promise you and regret you did not save us.

I will look back and won’t regret a thing because I Tried my utmost hardest when things were crumbling.

Be gone! Have a nice life and remember you had me once but never again.

Sincerely no longer yours,

Red x


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