I will never trust you again

You tried to get rid of me, bury me in the dirt,
Sorry to disappoint but that won’t work.
I’m tired of you breaking me down,
Everyday knocking off my crown.
If you was unhappy all this time why didn’t you just say?
Instead you laid out all the tools and prayed.
How could you watch me die inside, 
Get lost in my mind.
Making me feel so small,
Telling me I didn’t matter at all.
Step in the puddles of blood,
Wipe your shoe on the mat like it was mud.
Look at me with such distaste,
Convincing me I’m a disgrace.
Turning your back on me when I need you the most,
Ignoring your email to avoid reading my post.
Sorry I’m still here, and I’m still in pain,
I’ve learnt I can never trust you again.
Your perfectly normal, I’m perfectly insane,
It’s a dark day and I’m drenched in rain.
This isn’t over its only just begun,
Unfortunately we all knew this day would come. 

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