Because of you I’m dead

I feel like I don’t exist, my identity is slipping away,

You don’t notice me, therefore I am no one.
I had dreams, I had goals but the fact you can’t see me,
Means now I am nowhere.
I want to breathe but my tears stifle me,
I want to speak but my tears choke me.
I open up but you shut me down,
I let you in but your confused by what you see.
It’s officially a pity party because no one understands,
I don’t even care about them anyway.
I care about you, you used to care about me, 
Without you I’m just a nothing.
I used to stand by myself and used to be proud,
Now your my crutch accept your not.
Cruelly snatched away from under my arm,
I fall hard, painfully, broken.
You watch my misery and leave me alone,
I wanted company but you refuse. 
Miserable alone with my thoughts and the kitchen utensils,
Like a kid in candy store where all the sweets are free!
If I do this, know that I do this for you,
If I die I want you to know it’s all your fault.
A little compassion, a little understanding that’s all I was asking for.
When you put my body in the ground, when you say goodbye,
Know you could have stopped this, stopped me.
When I’m gone and your alone with your thoughts,
I hope the memory of me in a pool of blood haunts you forever.
When you take a trip down memory lane, I hope you remember all the waning signs,
You lied, I cried, you defended, I begged, and now because of you I’m dead. 

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