Pass the buck…wait I’m English…pass the penny? Random post..

I’m trying to take more responsibility for my mental health this year.

Too many times I have gladly taken my medication like a good little girl and shut the f*%# up!

Sometime last year I refused to be reintroduced to medicine and decided CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) was the way to go. I discussed this with my psychiatrist and he also agreed that this would be a good form of therapy especially I have a habit of overdosing on medicines when I’m really low, so prescribing more pills was not the sensible route to go.

So far this year I am being passed around like hmm…I don’t even know what; I’m too annoyed to think straight.

I’ve been with the emergency recovery team for almost a year now, but they want to pass me onto a different place with a different team because they specialise in CBT and they are closer to where I live. I like the new team I have been referred to but maybe they don’t like me? Maybe I’m not bat shit crazy enough? I don’t know and I don’t care all I know is they are trying to refer me back to the recovery team!

Kind of ironic! I’m trying to recover but how can I when the recovery team keep trying to get rid of me…we’ll sort of because the last time I went to an appointment they didn’t think it was quite safe enough to discharge me!

Grrrrr I’m so annoyed…the UK does not take mental health seriously enough…ok so I’m not going to kill anybody I’ve never wanted to harm anyone but myself…but are they sure? Do they know me that well, hell sometimes I’m not sure if I know myself that well, that’s the reason I asked for help in the first place! I get confused. I find myself lost at times and ahhhh I can’t even be bothered to finish this…pissed off

I’m out!


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