Distant someone

You’re on my mind constantly.

I think about you so much that I can’t even escape you in my dreams.
I don’t often remember the good dreams only the ones filled with hate, anger and evil. However when I dream of you I remember it all because it leaves me feeling hot & bothered, sexual, raw, happy, excited and then some all rolled into one.
What is it about you that makes me feel and think this way?
It’s obvious your hot, your body is fire, your beauty is unique, your astounding and stunning.
It’s not just your looks though there’s something more.
There’s a lot to you and I still have so much to learn about you, there’s so much of you I have yet to explore but I find myself mesmerised by you, something tells me to follow my heart wherever you go.
I care about you so much and I’ll be honest I don’t want to because I have been taken advantage of too much and I am exhausted to the point I don’t want to put in a lot of effort afraid it may crash and burn and that I won’t survive and scarier still that I may burn you, us and we couldn’t be anymore.
I feel we have gotten really close even though it’s been a long time since we have seen each other face to face but that doesn’t even matter because I know once we meet again it will be hard to keep us apart after the next encounter.
Your personality scares me sometimes you remind me of a volcano. Beautiful, mystical and rare but quick tempered and unpredictable.
I don’t always know how to deal with unpredictability but there’s something about you that keeps me hooked.
I miss you. I worry. I want to just hold you in my arms, kiss your forehead and hum sweet songs to soothe you and make you feel alright.
I don’t want to tell you everything will work out because your incredibly smart and know things will because your the sort of person that makes things happen.
I want to love you forever but I’m scared you will leave, run, turn your back on me, belittle and bury me like all those before you.
Will we be friends forever I really would like to be that’s for sure. I want your initials inked into my skin with my the other “forevers” and “loves of my life”.
I can’t believe how much time has passed without being in your magnificent presence! Wow I miss you.
Your so interesting I could listen to you natter on about random things all day. I love the way you talk. Your sexy giggle just thinking about hearing it makes me smile and want to giggle too.

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