My book is now AVAILABLE for PURCHASE!


I thought there would be an extra 3 days to wait but it’s finally here and finally available!

Buy my book, leave a review and use the hashtag #FOOLMETHRICE to spread the word!


A coming of age story through “sexploration”.

Based on true events.

A collection of snippets taken from Carley’s personal diary, email and messenger apps forms this intimate story of love, friendship, sex & betrayal.

Carley embarks on a sexual journey that starts out as innocent fun that ends in self-discovery and self-love.

Shaun loves Carley and joins her on her journey, partly loosing himself along the way only to come full circle igniting their love stronger than ever.

Aaron seeks loves in all the wrong places. Desperate to fill a void he settles at the wrong time, place and ultimately for the WRONG GIRL.

Geraldine the WRONG GIRL. The mistress of manipulation and deception who is the self proclaimed “icequeen” rushes into all 3 of their lives like a snow storm damaging everything and everyone in her path, including herself to gain Aaron

Available on: and

Download as an ebook or buy the hard copy.

My dream of becoming an author has finally become true. (Yay me!)


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