Bills, bills, bills (Can you pay my bills?)

I’ve said it before I will say it again & again…I don’t know how single mothers do what they do but I commend them! I feel like it’s not appreciated enough.
Not just any single mothers but the ones that raise their child alone and raise them well! The ones that handle the rent, the bills help with their little ones homework all by themselves!

I am a natural worrier I can’t help it. Something goes wrong big or small I worry till my head hurts and I bring on a migraine if not full blown depression.

For years I’ve been working on worrying less but when something happens my knee jerk reaction is too worry before I can think rationally or calm myself.

Having baby number two has brought on its challenges. One of them money.
Having another baby meant readjusting the family budget where possible.
My husband works full time while I am a full time mummy.

At times it’s arguable who has the hardest job but it always ends with my job is 24/7.

Not only do I care for both the kids, take care of my husband I also care for the home and we split the bills.

Recently we got our first utility bill since the baby has been born and wow I nearly fell off my chair, bust my head and then almost had a heart attack! Ok, ok so I didn’t do all that but I could of…

The bills have literally doubled since we have had our son and of course I know why. There’s another mouth to feed, another persons laundry that needs doing, another person that needs bath water, needs clothing ironed and the list goes on.

I saw this huge bill and looked at my husband in shock then looked back at the bill. I told him what the bills amounted to and you know what he didn’t even flinch!
He just said “I will pay that when I next get paid” I nearly fell of the chair again.

I couldn’t believe my ears. My husband is laid back anyways which is what balances us out so well but in the moment I wanted to cry.

Tears of joy wanted to come running down my face because everyday, some how my husband without even realising it reminds me of how blessed me and the children are to have him.

I’ve been thinking about jumping back into work soon because my husband pays a big percentage of everything at the moment and I feel like I’m not pulling my weight. He said “no don’t worry about that, stop pressuring yourself, I work and can take care of us all until you are ready to start working again”. This man.


After a lot of things I went through with the pregnancy I had, I depended on my husband a lot. I’m desperate to get my independence back, he makes it so hard. He treats me so royally, I’m so used to being a lady of leisure how do I go back to independent woman status?

Do you know my husband is sending me on my first ever girlie holiday this year with all my best friends and my sisters? He is even giving me the spending money! I’m going to Ibiza and I’m overly excited and again feel so blessed that someone loves me enough to do such a wonderful thing.

Sometimes he gets on what feels like my last nerve but for everything he does for me I have to remember he loves and appreciates me and shows me in more ways than one.
So when I don’t feel like doing his dinner, his laundry or listening to what sounds like complicated football talk I remember how much he provides for me and our family financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

When I’m tired I push through to make his dinner or at least buy it if I’m that exhausted, wash his clothes, keep his home clean, he’ll I even have his slippers waiting in the front room when he comes home I’m not ashamed to admit it!

If I was a single mother I doubt I’d be as good as the ones I know. The mental strength they must have to keep pushing on, the mathematical skills they must have to keep on top of their budgets, the physical fitness they must endure to be picking up their children, putting them down and travelling everywhere with them, wow!

I commend you single mums, I respect you and I hope your struggle alone is never too long and if it’s not a struggle at all I also take my hat of to the genuine ones that don’t even need a man to be happy and raise their child.

Most of all husband of mine I love you so much, words can’t describe or explain how much I love you…even though you annoy the hell out of me sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Bills, bills, bills (Can you pay my bills?)

  1. Great post! I’ve seen the struggle with my own eyes and i wonder how some women do it! Your husband is proof there are good guys out there! So there is hope for the rest of us πŸ™‚ your hubby is lucky to have a loving wife that appreciates all he does for her and the family, far too many take things for granted.

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  2. I’m a natural worry wart myself. I have lived both sides of the spectrum. At one point in time, I was homeless with two kids and didn’t know where I would be able to sleep. I am so thankful for my husband because he saw the good in me before I really did. He’s a patient man and doesn’t worry about anything lol! We balance each other out. I love readying your posts, they make me happy to see you opening up and just exposing your heart!

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    • How do they do that huh? Husband just don’t worry about anything lol. I so want to be able to be more like that hehe. Gosh homelessness is no joke I never want to feel how I did when I was homeless again. I’m glad you found your husband and you all have a home now. It can be so traumatic not knowing where one is going to lay their head to rest at night or if your going to eat a proper cooked meal or have to take your babies to McDonald’s or something similar because it’s cheap and you don’t have a cooker where your staying…oh such horrible memories…I’m glad you enjoy my posts πŸ™‚ if you think I expose my heart here I think you will definitely be able to read between the lines in my book and see my heart perhaps even feel it! Xx


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