How clean is your house?

I like to keep my home clean. Sometimes I clean so much and so often you’d think I had an OCD along with an army full of kids and then some!

Growing up my mum made me do chores for money. I enjoyed having that responsibility and also enjoyed making some extra pocket money.

I was happy to clean for my mum because it made her happy and it was helping her out. It wasn’t much either as I never realised back then how much she actually would do.

I never fully appreciated that there was always clean glasses if I wanted to pour a drink, clean laundry when I wanted to change what I was wearing every 5 minutes, a clean floor to sit on, clean table to eat off of. The list goes on.

My mum worked hard both at home and at work. I wonder now where she got all the energy from? Caffeine or was she just good at hiding the fact she was tired by powering through?

My dad likes things clean. I remember once eating toast and before the crumbs had a chance to even miss my plate and hit the ground he had his little hand held compact hoover out, hoovering around me, the chair and telling me to raise my feet so he could get the invisible ones underneath too.

I never realised how much it made an impact on my life until I grew up, left home and now look after my own family.

Many arguments have begun and ended with both my husband or daughter regarding cleaning.
“Did you clean the sink after you finished using it?”
“Did you remember to hoover the living room?”
“Stack the damn dishwasher instead of putting dishes on top of it!”
Funny typing it and reading it back, I sound like a right witch!


I can’t help it. I like a clean home not just for me and my family but visitors too.
I would be mortified if someone turned up unexpected and my place was unclean!
It creates an impression.

I like my mother and father am trying to teach my children about hygiene and responsibility.

I drive my husband round the bend. He said “you shouldn’t worry so much because our home is never that dirty” I replied with the obvious “that’s because I always clean it!”
What he thinks I do all day while he is at work I really don’t know.

He must think the magical beings like fairies come and do all the housework while I watch Jeremy Kyle and other such day time shows. I don’t have time for that.

I have explained to both him and my children I keep the house clean so that they may relax in luxury surroundings and feel comfortable.

I myself feel can not sit in dirty surroundings and feel comfortable especially if it’s my own home.

However don’t get me wrong my husband helps out where and when he can to help alleviate some of the stress I put on myself about such cleanliness.

That’s when I realised I was actually stressing myself out and I am the only one putting this pressure on myself and my family.


So recently I’ve slowed down I was wasting hours a day cleaning only for my kids to play and cause a mayhem later in the evening, my family to eat and pile up dirty dishes and throw their dirty clothes in a heap every week ready for another wash.

My son loves watching the washing machine cycle hehe.

Things are going to get dirty, dusty, greasy and while I want to stay on top of it I don’t want to live a life of obsession that takes me away from the more important things in life like getting messy with the kids when we play arts and crafts for example and the glue, glitter and what not goes everywhere.


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