Giving Thanks & Praise

For my last post of the year I want to take this chance to say thanks and show my love & appreciation to the people I love most.

This past year has seen many different twist and turns on my journey.

I’ve grown closer to people I didn’t think it was possible to get any closer too, and grown apart from people I thought I would be close to forever.

I’ve watched my friends grow and some change.

One of my best friends has not only been my constant source of light & strength but also my muse this whole year!
She is so strong even when she thinks and sometimes even believes she is actually weak, she is one of the strongest, most genuine and big hearted women I know and I am so proud to be her friend.
One of the things I most respect about her is how she can swallow her own pride, temporarily hide her pain and put others like me before herself because she cares that much, she loves that hard and knows what it means to be a true friend and goes above and beyond because of it.
Although she has had her own share of hardship, pain and problems; including unsuccessful IVF treatments she still embraced my pregnancy, listened to me moan, kept my spirits up and made sure she met my prince as soon as I got out of hospital.
She gave me hope when I wanted to give up and be hard on myself. She made me smile, laugh, be happy when I thought I couldn’t.
She is amazing!
I love you and for everything you have done for me, for us this year me and my family will be forever grateful.
Friends like you are hard to come by, big hearted people like you are rare to find.
I hope your turn will come soon. Your a wonderful friend. I admire so much about you.
When you finally become a mother I know that your child will be so blessed, loved, happy and content because you will be a brilliant mother.

I want to thank my friend who thought she would never find love. She is so brave as well as strong. You gave up your home, left the country, left your friends and family, left me, packed up your life and not only chased your dream but followed your heart.
You didn’t look back, didn’t listen to doubt, and look at you now! Happily married, crazy in love and planning a future while still balancing your career.
Determined to keep our friendship alive and strong you make sure we constantly keep in contact through every avenue; email, whatsapp, phone calls and even the post!
As if congratulations on the birth of my son wasn’t enough from across the seas, I returned home to a big delivery from postman pat. Baffled I opened it and cried to discover it was from you.
Further to that when you returned to London for a brief stint to visit friends and family you made sure to come and see me and my prince. The effort and determination was and still is admirable. This meant so much to me and was one of the highlights of my year.
You are one of my biggest supporters and dare I say ‘fans’ and although you lead a very busy lifestyle you set aside time to edit and proofread my book. Your amazing!
Thank you. I love you so much.

Thank you to the annoying friend of mine who forces her pastries and cakes on me. Visits me and the kids non stop because she loves the kids more than me!

Thank you for being available to watch the children when I need to pop out, thank you for not being squeamish about changing dirty nappies, cooking me dinner and most of all chilling at my home and being so comfortable you treat it as your own!
I tease you all the time, but everyone knows the more I do it, equates the amount I love you…I guess haha.

Thank you Uxbridge crew(why I still call them that and they don’t even all live in Uxbridge, I don’t know lol) for everything you have done this year your support has been amazing and I hope I can somehow repay you all, my gratitude is immense words can’t describe how much I love you guys.


A special thanks to my honorary sister Pachet Who is also across the seas. She is an inspirational woman that has taught me so many things, things she probably doesn’t even realise. She has taught me that being strong doesn’t always mean having no weaknesses, that family always come first, being an optimist will help you succeed, to follow my dream even if no one else is following you or supporting and most important she has taught me that my happiness is important, that I am important and special.
You have also taught me it’s good to believe in something and keep the faith. These are just a few things you have taught me.
I love you because as I have told you before you are not perfect but to me you are.

Thank you Mother Hubbard for being non judgemental, being perky, listening to my randomness, spending time with my family…buying Chinese my husband will love you forever now hahahaha, for introducing me to your beautiful children, speaking your mind, being open and honest. Your unlike anyone else I know but that’s brilliant and I love you for it even when you rant…to be fair we both take our turns hehe.

Last but not least…my SISTERS looooooooove you all except CERISE and TASHA they stink hahaha…I bought you deodorant for Christmas lol.
Seriously though without my sisters I don’t know how I would have smoothly transitioned through this year.


They made life low stress if not stress free, made my kids spoilt with all the lavish gifts, made my husband feel at ease with their extra help, and most importantly got me dancing again!
They made me cry with laughter and joy, reminded me of who I am and who I’m not allowed to turn into and make me feel warm with love.
The times I’ve felt down and wanted to disappear but thoughts of my sisters have kept me so strong I’m still medication free!
Love you chickens and “do do” lol.

Oh and my husband…cha…loool…just because he likes to say “where am I?” There you go you have been mentioned hahaha

I’m thankful for all the love I have in my life. I’m happy my network is strong.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and I hope to see you all in the New Year!


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