Mothers that kill their children…


I’m saddened and heartbroken over the rising stories I am hearing of mothers who murder their children.
Post natal depression, bi polar, neglect…call it whatever you want I think it’s horrific how a mother can carry a child for months, almost a year, give birth to a child then murder an innocent baby in desperation.

The worst thing about these cases seems to be that majority of the time there are warning signs.

I read one recently where a woman continually warned her husband via frightening texts explaining exactly how she felt about their kids, how they were “pissing” her off and that she wanted to smash the babies against the wall.

Eventually she did kill one of her babies by shaking the poor baby to death and then delayed calling an ambulance for 12 hours.

Horrific. Shocking. Words can’t describe how I felt after reading that article.

I know I might get horrible feedback for saying this but I DONT CARE WHAT ILLNESS SHE MAY HAVE HAD why did her husband, father of both their children not step in and do something when he first got the texts? Where were her friends? Family? Onlookers?

I read another story about a mother of 4 children one was unborn but she was almost full term. She killed every one of them. Kissed them all goodnight put them to bed after drowning them in the bath. She jumped off a building after that killing herself and unborn child.

Too many kids get abused, neglected or even worse like above die because I feel social services, children services, NSPCC are not doing their job efficiently or effectively enough. They are bothering the wrong people or they are just wrapped up in so much red tape it’s always too late for the children and adults that need their help the most.

I recently found out a girl I once knew is pregnant with her 5th child. She only had her 4th child only 9 months ago. She admits to her instability and her own support system worry that she won’t be able to cope with two such young children. I worry too. She has already lost children to the “system” because of her unstableness yet she keeps “accidentally” having children.

That’s another thing that grinds my gears. The kind of “accidental” pregnancy that isn’t actually an accident. It’s an immature excuse for children who have not yet reach adulthood. With all the fertility packs, contraception and advice out there can supposed “adults” really call getting pregnant with their partners “mistakes” or “accidents” yet another thing I think is not fair to your children.

I’m not the perfect mother. I wish I was. Do my kids “piss me off”? They sure do try my patience, exhaust me at times, make me angry at myself, and I would go as far as to say they annoy me at times.
Do I want to hurt them or even kill them sometimes?
Honestly those sort of thoughts have always been aimed towards myself. Even when I thought I was post natal I didn’t want to harm my baby (only now it’s been concluded I never did have post natal depression with my first it was just my regular bi-polar saying) “hello, time to piss you off”.

They have been times where I want to scream, pull my hair out and maybe even spank my kids but you know what I do I warn my husbands or tell him outright “watch your children, I’m going for a walk” or “I need a break”.

I would never forgive myself if anything harmful happened to my children especially by my own hand. Furthermore I would hate for them to catch me having an episode only to then scar them later in life so bad they turn out like me with bi-polar or worse.

So much help is out there for a variety of illness, or even for children in need. I urge people to seek it out and take what the world has to offer. Innocent babies, children & people do not have to die.

Those poor, poor children may the all rest in peace xxx


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