Special Birthday Post


A whole year it’s been since Princess Sienna arrived,
Her birth was such joyful news I was brimming with such pride.
Another beautiful queen in the making,
Another gracious girl to give us all hope and an awakening.
Friendly and exquisite I could watch her for days,
I love that little cupcake in so many ways.
She will never want for a thing,
From Barbie dolls to diamond rings.
Her mothers love is endless the sky isn’t the limit,
Social media alone is her mother’s personal Sienna exhibit.
I hope Sienna grows to be just like her mum,
Kind, caring, nurturing and so much fun!
It’s been such a blessing to watch you blossom this past year,
I hope you know I will always be here.
To listen when no one else will, always take your side, be your alibi for the parties,
Be a bad influence before dinner by sneaking you sweets under the table like “smarties”.
Happy birthday sweetie, happy birthday to you,
Always remember Aunty Carley loves you xxxx


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