Make love, not War

Part of my journey in finding myself I have been inspired and reminded how much I am an advocate of love not war.

Recently like a lot of us I am assuming, I have been bombarded with news of racism, police brutality, capitalism, political corruption the list goes on unfortunately.

I’ve seen and heard so much I felt like I was once again being filled with a toxicity so bad it was tainting my own mind.

I actually started to look at my own circle differently for fear they might be part of the bigger picture that is war, corruption and so on.

I had to quickly snap out of it because if I didn’t I’d become someone or something I don’t want to be.

Why is it so important for people to learn hate?

Why is it important for one set of people to hate another set of people and judge them by the colour of their skin?

Why is murdering innocent people ok?

Why is violence ok?

Why does money easily corrupt so many?

Where is greed getting us?

Why in order to be rich, to obtain power, to be heard must we still from the poor and less fortunate?

Why, why, why can’t we love one another, help one another and live in peace?

I’m not totally naive I know most of the answers. Well I know most of the excuses and trained answers but I find it unacceptable.

I also don’t want to be apart of any of it. If I could avoid all of the above I would be perfectly fine thank you.

However I can’t can I?

Where does my money come from? Do I REALLY know?
If someone hurt one of my babies could I REALLY just let it go?
When I was wronged didn’t I learn to hate people and situations REALLY quickly?

Of course I’m not perfect and repeatedly through this blog I have not only proved that fact but voiced it over and over again.

However I’m taking a stand!

Down and out with WAR & HATE!

I choose love, happiness & peace.

What do you choose?


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