Dear Geraldine aka Icequeen

Dear Geraldine,

After everything you put me and my family through I was angry, hurt and extremely disappointed in you.
I loved you and back then it didn’t occur to me, that you were not ready for my kind of love nor did you want it.
I’m quite sure you didn’t realise this either until Aaron started loving you.

When we were friends you told me of your illness but I didn’t want to believe how sick you were. I didn’t want our friendship to be solely about it. So I looked past it and that’s how I fell in love with you.
It’s only now years later I realise I should have listened.
Only now do I realise how debilitating your illness was and is.

I realise everything you done to my family you done because of who you were and are ill.
I’m sorry I humiliated you by way of blogging public articles about your personal life.
That was ignorant and at times harsh.
However what I find unacceptable is you have always been aware of not only your illness but what it can make you do and instead of making your health a priority, admitting your mistakes, swallowing your pride you instead chose to blame every bad thought, situation and thing on your illness and then later me.

I’m sorry;
for my initial ignorance,
sorry I didn’t recognise the warning signs quick enough,
I didn’t make a greater effort to get you professional help,
Try harder to get you to take your medicine,
And that I didn’t warn your family sooner when you put your kids in danger.

However I will not apologise for soon publishing my book.
Too long, too many people like you have walked all over me and I had done nothing. This is my release. Sharing my private diary, writing this book helped me move on and forgive all the things you purposely put me through because you refused to help yourself.

I’m glad you put me through hell, took part of mine and my husband’s family, it made me stronger, wiser and thicker skinned.
The whole experience gave me so much perspective.

I’m glad your happy that you have done everything you had set out to do and have also happily moved on.

I wish you the best in love, life and most importantly health.
If not for yourself please consider making an effort for your children.

Good luck

Sincerely a former mean girl



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