Please feel free to chat me up…

Something that has always baffled me regarding courting is people wanting what they can’t have.
I understand sometimes a challenge is fun, I understand risk & the danger element but past that do those relationships really work out when one partner has been stolen from another?

I was pushing my 5 month old son home from school run yesterday when a man stopped to stare at me. I looked at him smiled and carried on walking. He carried on staring then told me that I was really beautiful. I said thanks and continued towards my home.

As I neared my turn off in the road the man kept calling out to me to get my attention I just laughed and carried on.

What came next went beyond a nice compliment and turned a little creepy. The man got in his car followed me to my road, cut me off and asked if he could take me to dinner sometime. I told him I have a husband and to my horror he carried on conversing with me, kissed my hand, turned my hand over and forced a ‘post it’ note into my hand with his name and number on it. He told me to call him. I repeated “I’m MARRIED” but he wouldn’t let go of my hand till I took his number so I smiled took it walked away and crumpled it in my hand once his back was turned.


This isn’t the first time this has happened and while in part it’s flattering to be complimented it also makes me wonder what he or any other person who pursues me while I’m with my child and informing them I’m taken is after?

It was even funnier and creepier when I was pregnant.

I will never forget the guy he tried to get my number even when I told him I was halfway through my pregnancy, turned around opened my coat to show him my bump and then he went on to say “are you still with the dad?” REALLY?

As much shock I was in I thought to myself you know what least he asked?

Others don’t care.

On a recent day out with my husband a guy started whispering things in my ear and because my husband wasn’t sure what he was doing and I didn’t ask for help he left the man alone instead of immediately jumping to conclusions and causing a commotion that was unnecessary. Once I told him what had been said he wasn’t happy about it but glad it had gone no further and that the guy had gone away when he could see I was ignoring him and his behaviour.

I wonder is it because I’m the ‘forbidden fruit’ and these strangers got to have a ‘bite’, is it because they are the serpent and just want to start trouble in paradise? (I may not be Christian or any other religion but I do enjoy those tales in the bible)

Do people not believe me when I say I’m taken? Am I just a challenge to be conquered? Are these men and women (yes they have been known to act just as bad maybe worse at times) just scum bags?

I don’t know but what I really do wonder is what do they hope to happen if I was to take them up on their offer and furthermore where do they expect it to lead? To happily ever after?

I for sure would be wondering hmmm where’s my partner tonight? Chatting up more “forbidden fruit” would the other half not be wondering also if the same is happening to me again once they have got me? Or is that part of the game?

I have looked at the statistics and surprisingly some of these people that decide to cheat or run off with someone other than their partner do in fact end up happily ever after.

While that’s pretty good for them I don’t actually want to run off with anyone. Where am I running with two kids? Can my husband come with me? After all we do everything together it’s only fair right?

As flattering as it is to be looked at as beautiful, chatted up and forced numbers. While I am ridiculously friendly and may encourage people with smiles they need to remember the famous phrase ‘NO MEANS NO”

What do you think ladies do you just take it as a compliment or get annoyed eventually?

Men / Women or even alien someone please enlighten me as to why some people court this way? Are we running out of single people?


4 thoughts on “Please feel free to chat me up…

  1. I really don’t know. I also had a guy wanting wanting to take me out for dinner and (I quote) “See where the night takes us”. I was 5 or 6 months pregnant and definitely NOT available but he didn’t care. I thought he was really weird because he also told me pregnant women turned him on. Yeah.


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