Jodan Birthday Song


Your absolutely gorgeous, you take my breathe away.
Being around you I cant keep my excitement at bay.
Your not like other girls the sparkle in your eye never fades,
On hearing you speak, I could listen for days.
Your an open book, you don’t play silly games
I wish more people were like you, they could learn a lot from your ways.
You fight for what you believe in, you don’t care what others think,
Its your birthday baby girl, let us celebrate with a drink!
Your going places I’m sure of that,
If I can’t be with you, please say one day you’ll be back.
Never have I met a soul quite like your own,
Your amazing girl and I love you to the bone.
To another year of friendship, happiness, love and joy
I would carry on but I might make you coy.
Cuddles, kisses and lots of love sent to you,
Happy birthday to my Jodan, Happy Birthday to you.



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