Love is BLIND (Random short post)

I used to think she was so special, unique, interesting.

Love made me so blind…or was it simply SHIT in my eyes?

Love can change you mentally and physically.

Love can change you for the better or for the worse.

When I looked at her I saw this amazing woman who had been through so much and still had the strength to pick herself up and power through any  situation.

I thought she was amazing at some point.

I didn’t want to judge her or listen to others opinions of her. I wanted to get to know the real her for myself.

I never did get to know the real her, she was to busy with her game plan, using me as one of her pawns.

No matter who warned me against her or questioned my sanity ; I refused to listen and even defended this F.U.B to many.

I thought she was beautiful in her own way.

Now when I look back all I see is this creature who is FAT, UGLY and a BITCH.

Not really one for name calling but that is who she turned me into and although I rarely have regrets, I regret who I let her turn me into then, now and every time I am unfortunate enough to here about her, think about her or see her.

Eurgh *shudder*






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