What is it with Bus Driver’s these days?

Too my knowledge it is a bus drivers job/duty to transport their passengers safely from point A to point B and anywhere in between.

Part of their job is to ensure the passengers safety right? Wrong! After my experience yesterday I must be wrong in my statement because this bus driver was relentless.

My and my 3 month and half old son got on the bus like we normally do. He was well strapped in, the brakes had been applied so that he was snugly fitted in his buggy.

The bus driver must of mistakenly been on a racing course because he was driving so fast even I had to grip the poles hard with white knuckles!

At one point we rounded a corner so fast my buggy fell on its back and then because the driver kept on speeding my buggy then turned over to its side at which point my son started crying from the shock and confusion.

LUCKILY…he wasn’t hurt as his harness was fitted and locked properly and his buggy is well padded. However I was horrified. At no point did the driver slow down, stop or check that everything was ok.

What if my son had been seriously hurt? Further more apart from one lovely woman who helped me pick up and steady the buggy while the bus was still “racing” everyone else tried their best to look out the window or elsewhere so as not to get involved or help. What is wrong with people. It would be different if I fell by all means leave me one the floor (which has happened before and is a whole different story) but a baby? Really?

My son cried for all of 5 seconds and then strangely fell straight asleep. By this point I was really alarmed but remained calm and remembered my first aid training to check he was responsive and that i could wake him up. Just in case after i carried out my checks I called 111 to see if there was anything else I should look out for. They gave me some good advice said i had done well and that he sounded fine.

This story isn’t just about what happened to my son its about other unfortunate souls that have been ignored similarly when using the bus service.

I notice when elderly get on the bus with their walking sticks to aid them because they clearly cant walk unassisted and take their time some bus drivers are known to move the bus, fast i may add before the person has even had a chance to sit down resulting in them falling over and being humiliated or worse hurt really badly. Its unbelievable!!

I have also been informed that although wheelchairs take priority over buggies on the bus, drivers have been known to spot a wheelchair user at a bus stop and drive straight past them leaving them vulnerable (if they are young/ teenage/elderly and on their own). The worst thing is the space is sometimes empty! The bus driver just simply didn’t have the time to roll out the ramp or even more so sometimes the ramp is broken…do they not have initiative? Help the wheelchair user onto the bus via the wheelchair handles.

Sometimes the transport system can act disgustingly and appallingly.

However you don’t have to put up with it oh no behind the drivers chambers next to the front seat is the registration number for the vehicle you are seated on. Jot it down or take a picture of it and record the day and time your incident happened and report them! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!


4 thoughts on “BUS DRIVER RANT

  1. Wow I don’t know how you kept calm, I would have to give him a piece of my mind. I’m glad Shaun was okay and good move, some parents would have brushed something like that off and not double check to make sure their child is okay. I always see nonsense going on with buses. The other day this woman got on the back, asked her son to tap her oyster card and the bus driver called her to the front and says ‘Did you ask me if you could use the back door?’ like really? she needed permission to get on via the back door, he was being silly. Then when the next person with a buggy through the back, do you think they needed permission? No! He was making a fuss for no reason like he owns the bus- you just drive it mate! Sorry rant over, I feel your pain!


    • I had to keep so as not to panic my bubba but boi the rage inside me was building inside! Phew. I’ve seen bus drivers do that rubbish with the permission too! Tryna play God on buses lol x


  2. Hope your baby is fine?.
    I could almost feel the pain of you and your baby, and seeing that no one showed concern is even more painful!

    I wonder where this world is going to. Its so hard to find people who care or offer helping hands to strangers…

    Also people rarely use words like: sorry, please, thank you… & It is something we αℓℓ should note and try to correct.
    I try my best to affect others with at least a thank you & a smile! 🙂 ☺


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