Book Snippet; Carrying my 4th child can I have some cocaine please?

9 June 2013

Chilled with Geraldine. She still reeling from the fact Aaron packed his things and left for the second time. She says she is very sure that she is pregnant now and that she told him before he left but he left anyway. She kept saying if he didn’t want her, I didn’t want her and nor did Shaun then she had no one to love her or help her raise the baby so she might as well kill ‘it’.
I thought she was all talk and tried to shrug it off.
She said she was serious and felt like taking cocaine and told me that weed is way worse than coke and she wanted me to try some with her as its not as bad as everyone makes out as long as we take the correct amount? I was horrified.
Then she got out her phone and started scrolling through the contacts telling me one of her relatives deals in coke so she could easily get some if I want to get high with her?
We had been drinking a little that night and I hadn’t said anything about that but cocaine? I took that as my cue to leave…

10 June 2013

Geraldine messaged me this morning. I felt so uncomfortable from what happened the night before that I was distant in my messages. She could tell almost straight away and grew quickly angry and upset with me. She will soon cool off.

11 June 2013

I messaged Geraldine to tell her why I was so distant.
I told her even though I didn’t like Aaron he was still my brother-in-law and aborting his baby plus taking drugs to do it was wrong and made me uncomfortable.
I mean come on that’s my husbands nephew/niece she is talking about harming. She ignored me all day…


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