Book Snippet; Christmas 2006

28 December 2006
3 Months and 2 Weeks pregnant.
I love em both to bits I can’t lie but Shaun will always be my true love.
I love Aaron because we have become very close and share a close bond but mostly probably because he is Shaun’s brother.
I love our family. Mama, papa, baby and Uncle Aaron.
The more Penelope pushed the more she did what she didn’t want to happen she forced me to be even closer to my boo and his brother.
Xmas was happy families as usual and I enjoyed myself. The pre-xmas party at dads was good too you could tell he loved having me and my sister there. We played dominoes, hangman, listened, sang and danced to Xmas carols it was all good fun.
Until Xmas day/ evening when Laura said ‘how’s your belly?’ and shocked Penelope let her rage build up until she does what she always does and verbally attacked me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I won’t be taking it anymore either I don’t want her near my family at all I’ve had enough of her forceful words and erratic behavior we are officially over.
Aaron admitted I’m very special to him which made Shaun jealous which in a way made me feel good because I couldn’t remember the last time he got jealous over me and he admitted that he does a lot in fact and I was surprised but it made me feel more secure.
I’m so glad I’m having his baby and I hope we get married soon, that’s what I want for Xmas. I love him so much I hope we are together forever, us against the world


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