I woke up like this…

Post partum body update.

I would like to thank my son firstly for being a greedy milk monster.


Not only does breast feeding benefit baby with all sorts of good nutrients and help you bond with baby, it also does a heck of a job shrinking your uterus and body back into shape.
Breast feeding burns calories so fast I’m constantly eating to replace them and wow it makes you thirsty too!

Secondly I’d like to thank my sister who got me obsessed with snack-a-jacks.


I loooove caramel snack-a-jacks especially knowing they are virtually fat free. I could…and normally do munch these all day.

Thirdly my squat app. Its like a personal trainer and actually really encourages me and makes me feel good after completing levels.

Last but not least all my girlies for encouraging me to dance again.
My stereo almost gave up on me for me playing my CDs on repeat so much so I could dance to my hearts content and get my belly back to what I am comfortable with…yes I still own a stereo and play CDs, so judge me! Lol.

This morning 2 months, 3 weeks after giving birth I woke up like this (yes thats bed head lol)




I know I am boasting, bragging even but it feels so good to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin again back to my vain self.
It feels good to move, sway and being able to flirt outrageously with my husband again because I feel sexy…even with bed hair lol.

I feel fantastic! Now lemme go dust of my favorite crop top, its time for a comeback!


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