My best friend’s wedding

Have you seen Frozen? It’s all the rage apparently. Kids and adults love the animated film. Everyone loves it but me. I love “The Little Mermaid” myself.
People love the whole “sisters doing it for themselves” and “women who don’t need a man message” I have especially found.
However in the little mermaid how can we forget Ariel was a heroine and saved her husband to be far before she became a “damsel in distress” also Prince Eric risked his life battling the Sea witch to save his beloved Ariel. I have and will always love “The Little Mermaid” because it’s a story about family, rebellion, friendship and ultimately true love in all sense of the word.
I still watch it to this day and I am not ashamed.
I love being in love, feeling love and projecting love.
One of my best friend’s, my muse and one of my biggest supporters of this blog and my book got married 06-08-2014. I was so happy to be a part of her wedding and I am so proud to be her friend and be apart of her life.

It was so refreshing to watch two people who genuinely love each other finally tie the knot in matrimony.
I cried at the wedding twice, I would have cried more if I wore waterproof make-up (doh I should have known I was going to cry)
I cried not only because I was obviously happy for my friend but also because it was and still is so refreshing to see someone other than myself find TRUE LOVE with my own eyes and to feel it.

The way they both looked at one another, touched one another nothing was forced or fake. They weren’t trying to impress anyone they were just themselves. They looked like they were in this private bubble of love all day and us spectators were lucky enough to have been invited in.
I felt like I was watching the real life little mermaid marry her prince.
Lucie sent me a cute picture once of her and her now husband. She had long red hair and was sitting on Andy’s lap. I sent her pic stitch back of Ariel and Prince Eric because that’s what her photo made me think of.


Before I had the pleasure of meeting her husband (and jumping on him, thank you for not dropping me Andy pahaha [couldn’t help it love him so much for making my friend so happy]) she told me things that made me think she really was living out this perfect Disney fairy tale. They weren’t perfect. They had their ups and downs but secretly I always knew and still know they are meant to be.
For everything Lucie has had to go through whether alone or with previous partners and friends all that changed when she met Andy. Although she is still exactly the same strong, sexy, brave heroine of her story she is no longer alone. She has found her equal and now as they embark on this new journey together, I am confident they like Ariel and Prince Eric will live happily ever after.
Love you girlie xxx



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