Shout out to my dedicated followers

I received a touching message from a follower.
She shall be known as ‘hypnotic eyes’ (your eyes are amazing hun).


I had to hold in tears when I read her message, it touches my heart. Its a wonderful feeling to help someone, to know you are not alone in what you are feeling and to know you have reached someone you don’t know.

Hypnotic eyes although you thanked me, I want you to know I am thankful to you. You messaged me in one of those moments of feeling unsure about myself and didn’t even know you boosted me right back up. You gave me motivation and inspiration for this post.
It took courage to be open and honest with me, a stranger, to message me what you did. I don’t know what you have been through, what you still might be going through, or what the future holds but I do know you are special.
Whether I gave you strength or you suddenly realised it was there all along once you read my words I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is you now know how strong you can be and that bipolar does not have to dictate your whole life. Whether you beat it or manage it, know that it doesn’t have to win. WE ARE STRONGER THAN IT!

Another follower and fellow blogger I’d like to thank for being so supportive of me and is an amazing person who has been one of my beacons of strength and a huge inspirational motivator is a lovely woman from across the seas. If I could meet her one day, I would have the pleasure of meeting a real Christian! Her faith in God, her beautiful words and non judgemental tone when she interacts with me not only makes me want to be someone better but also makes me feel like giving my life to God could seriously help complete me.
I love the way you don’t preach, you don’t belittle, your not fake, your not pushy, you listen. You always come from love and even though we may never meet I LOVE  you Pachet. You are such a good person.


Another person I want to shout out and thank is Chelle. I don’t know you either but your constant likes and comments/interaction I feel like we are friends. I know you live close to my borough so maybe one day we will pass each other on the street or even better, we shall meet.


I can see your on this courageous journey of your own. Strengthening your relationship with God, getting more healthy, realising who and what you need and want in your life. I’m proud of you. When you first started your blog your style seemed unsure of itself but now your blog has grown so much and shows a much clearer train of thought. I’m snapping my neck and clicking my fingers and shouting “you go girl!”.

Thank you special ladies for all your kindness and support and also thank you to all my other dedicated supporters who follow my blog regularly you all aid in keeping this blog going xxx


3 thoughts on “Shout out to my dedicated followers

  1. Aww this is soo sweet of you! I was casually reading this and scrolled down to see my picture staring back at me lol!! I can’t lie, I read it three times haha. You are the only person I’ve met in blogland that I feel like I know in person.

    I’m in awe each time I wander onto your blog and see pictures of you and your little family. This is what I am aiming for πŸ™‚ I need to take a leaf out of your book and find the right balance though (I’m still learning). Thanks for the support you have given me since I started my blog.

    P.s I’m adding you on FB and insta, hope you don’t mind lol.


    • Hehe well I’m glad you weren’t freaked out when you realised I nicked your picture lol. Glad u also thinks it’s sweet I’m just being honest you are lovely. You will have what I have perhaps even more some day because if how wonderful you truly are girly. Yh add me girl I don’t mind πŸ™‚ xx


      • Imagine if I completely freaked out about it haha. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in agesss :), I’m hope the man upstairs answers my prayers.. thank you xx


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