Any REAL Christians out there?

I’ve never met a real Christian before.
I’ve met people that claim to be Christian but act otherwise.
I was baptised as a baby and brought up to believe in God and was forced to go to church along with the rest of the family. I was part of the church choir and attended Sunday school like a good little girl.
Then I hit puberty and not only learned there were so many other religions I didn’t know about and it was then I realised I could choose to be a part of any one of them if I really wanted to.
When I had my first little girl my husband and I chose to have her blessed as opposed to christened. We chose this root so she may choose to follow God if she wishes when she is older or she may choose to choose several or even ultimately like me decide its not for her.
You see the Christians I have known all share traits that contradict the bible they follow and for every mistake they make they use the same tired excuses “Gods forgiveness”, “no one is exempt from sin”, ” I’m in a relationship with him so WE can judge you”.
While their excuses may be true to some extent I don’t think they want to believe it themselves as much as they want to use these to exclude themselves from certain behaviour.
The Christians I know also love to “preach” to death ears and force their opinions/attitudes upon other people. Thats not religion; to me it borders on harassment.
Where Christianity I thought came from love and is about being one, too many times I’ve seen Christians I have known to come from and create hate and divide by way of judging others, feeling self-important, imposing their “superiority” upon others, looking down on people, purposefully acting sinful so they can be “purified” at a later date after a simple pray asking for forgiveness.
Needless to say when I learned and was exposed to this I decided that Christianity wasn’t for me.
Although I am yet to meet a “real” Christian I still have hope and still respect the religion and good people that follow it.
However me I follow where the universe takes me. I believe in Karma and energies. A real Christian may not understand that, but they would respect it.

Peace xxx


3 thoughts on “Any REAL Christians out there?

  1. I know what you mean! I was raised Christian, and still am, but it’s different now that I’m older. I don’t consider myself religious, I’m more spiritual I guess. I’ve dealt with one too many of the Christians you are describing–judgemental, fake, preachy. I like to read the Bible for myself. Jesus was not a judgmental, hateful guy. He loved everyone and didn’t look down on people. He befriended tax collectors and prostitutes. A lot of Christians don’t realize that. I may not agree with certain lifestyles or view points, but it is not my place to judge anyone. I am not God, its not my job. I need to be more concerned with my life than butting into everyone else’s. We are called to love people, not hate. But that’s just me! Thanks for the good read!


    • Thank you so much for commenting šŸ™‚ I totally agree with you. I also used to enjoy reading the bible until people started twisting it into something its not and using it to judge others. I feel this is one of the reasons today that the churches are loosing people. Glad you enjoyed the read and your welcome šŸ™‚ xx


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