Random Short Post; It says more about them than you!

This is for a personal friend of mine who follows my blog…little did you know you were going to inspire this article aye girlie? hehe.

She was upset about someone talking behind her back and furthermore certain people who would believe the untruths about her.

I told her not to worry because if people believed the untruths it said more about them then it did about her and that those sort of people you do not need in your life.

what she said

I’ve had this experience over the years more than I can care to remember, I’m not going to lie I enjoy a good gossip and lets face it so do you guys otherwise you wouldn’t tune into my blog.

However on a serious note I seriously believe listening to other people’s judgement of others says a lot about your personality rather than the person being discussed.

he said

Like my blog for example although most of the articles are for your entertainment and a form of therapy for me, I know and the ones closest to me also know that most of the articles that seem to come from “hate” don’t come from that emotion at all.
My judgement or opinion of others are based not only my experiences but also my emotions.

What most readers find amusing and funny are often the articles, journal entries and poems that come from my deepest pain (whether present or past).

When I first realised this that’s when I let a lot  of things go. I’m happy with who I am flaws and all so whoever wants to talk about me and drag my reputation through the mud I leave them too it because whoever wants to listen and agree clearly; don’t know me, don’t care about me and are not anyone I need to know.bad choices

So dear friend whom I  chatted with earlier today your nickname shall be ‘The old woman who lived in a shoe’ (1978 christian version) hehe you’ll see why.
Please remember this: any person who listens to bulls*** about you is NOT your friend and the person chatting the BS clearly has their reasons but this does not concern you. Ignore it and keep doing you hun.



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