Reasons Why I Know I Am Not Going To Live A Full Life.

Your words always touch me. Strange to say I’m so glad you write these posts and make people aware of exactly how it is going through these episodes. Mine aren’t always severe only the hours or minutes leading up to an attempt to be honest.
It’s true what you say about being checked on as well. Ever since I have become braver with admitting my illness I am constantly checked in on by good friends and family who refuse to either let me go down, or if I do they wont let me stay down! Even at this present time everyone is doing everything they can to avoid me taking medication by offering every support they can first.
I had to repost this because people should definitely be more aware of how one feels with certain types of depression. Keep strong my love xx

Phoenix - The Rebirth of My Life

July 21, 2014  12:31 PM

Thursday night I had dinner with a good friend of my mine and I shared my recent suicide attempt in May. At first I was hesitant to share what exactly happened, but she reassured me that she just wanted to listen and hear me speak. I talked for 2 hours sharing my insight into what led to my decision to take my life and she did an excellent job listening to every word I had to say. Half way through our conversation she noticed a change in my body language: I started to fidget, cry, and talk with my head down. She asked me, “There is something you are not telling me.” And she was right. I was hiding something; something huge, something that I have not told anyone but my therapist and psychiatrist. Deep down I was struggling to find the courage to tell…

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