Love your natural beauty

It’s horrible how they made you feel, your tears I couldn’t bear,
Dust off your shoulders little one and tell them ‘big hair don’t care’


It took years to convince my daughter that her hair is big and beautiful and she should be proud! Now she laughs off the bullies and says ‘BIG HAIR, DON’T CARE!’


My daughter attends a school that initially was predominated with Japanese students, who have beautiful straight black hair, she didn’t understand why her own hair did not look the same.

Your beautiful my child, your special in every way,
Wear your hair wild and be proud every day.
It doesn’t matter if your black, white or brown,
Ignore the ignorant don’t you dare take off your crown.
Love yourself the way you are, no one can ever compete,
Your unique and beautiful don’t give into defeat.
I love your skin, your precious smile and your big afro hair,
The haters are always going to hate so little one beware,
Never, ever, ever forget “BIG HAIR DONT CARE”


After shaving off my straight relaxed hair for charity, my daughter saw my true "AFRO" hair and thats when she appreciated her image much more..took her a while to realise it doesnt grow out of my head red though hehe


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